I had a wonderful, crazy week. I started off my week in the studio, preparing for upcoming shows (not too unusual) and right away I soldered a jumpring to my tweezers. It happens. But I still feel silly because I know how to avoid it. Oh well— I’m considering it a sacrifice to the soldering/studio gods! And I have to buy a new pair of tweezers. The rest of the week was pretty normal— taught a class, had discussions about future classes, made things, and prepared for Art in the Garden 2019 at the Raleigh Little Theater Rose Garden. Saturday was a perfect day for an outdoor show! The organizers were great and did a good job setting things up and making sure the artists could have a good show. And to top it off, I won an award! Best in Show, third place! I’m especially honored because jewelry so rarely is recognized in art shows.

No time to rest on my laurels though! I have two more shows in the next two weeks. This time, I’ll be extra careful when soldering jump rings

Leigh Griffin