Most commissions are created as visual reminders of special events and special places. Those memories are extra special and the final design should reflect those emotions. For more information on the commission process, please check my Blog post on Commissions. I look forward to working with you! 

birthstone necklace commission.jpg

Birthstone necklaces

Repurposed birthstone jewelry using client's stones. 

Blue bean sea glass.jpg

Sea Glass Necklace

Clients wanted to create a unique gift for a special occasion using their sea glass. Simple design let the sea glass shine!  

sea glass earring commission.jpg

Sea Glass Earrings

Family collected sea glass that were turned into earrings!  Great holiday gift(s) that recall family vacations! 

Brooch commission.jpg


This "beach pebble" brooch was created as a way to commemorate a special family place.  The client had several pebbles to choose from and we added in a stone from my collection.