Personal Challenge(s)-- 52 Weeks of earrings

I spent most of 2018 bored with making earrings. And I needed to make a lot of earrings because that’s what sold the most. As an artist, I needed something more than producing the same style over and over. Towards the end of 2018, I began embellishing the sea glass with bits of water cast silver, stone beads and cabochons. Those small additions helped the artist me fell slightly better. To push myself further as an artist and creator, I decided to challenge myself to design and produce a different style of earrings each week in 2019.

So far, I’ve got 20 sketches of different styles of earrings. I’m going to create and produce each style each week and publish photos on Instagram and on my website, under 2019 Earrings. I’m sure some of these styles will find their way into my production inventory and some will not. Please follow along as I make the designs I’ve got so far and as I come up with 32 more designs! It’s going to be challenge!

Leigh Griffin