Week 4

Week 4 of my earring challenge just about did me in. Allow me a moment to whine— my mother has been in rehab, my brother, sister and I had to make decisions about furniture and stuff, and then I got a bad cold. Trying to set these teeny, tiny pieces of sea glass just about killed me. Sooooo tiny (says the person who makes tiny things)! It took me forever to get the glass to stay in the smallest bezel! Argh!

Photographing them wasn’t any easier. After posting the photo on Instagram, I get a message from my brother saying the amethysts look like eyeballs. Hmmm, he’s right. And, now I can’t un-see ! All I see now is a face. Not what I was going for!

Week 4: lavender sea glass with amethysts. Sterling silver ear wires. One earring is 1.5” from the top of the ear wire and the other is 1.25”

Leigh Griffin