Week 2

I live my life in the middle of my mother’s dementia induced chaos. I keep showing up in the studio and making things. So sometimes, the things I make aren’t “Brilliant”; even Picasso didn’t create a masterpiece every day. This week, the dementia was calm until 9:30 p.m. on Thursday night. Then can the call that she’d broken another bone; another trip to the emergency room. Another surgery scheduled for the next day. Only 3 hours of sleep (think of having a newborn at age 61). Fortunately I had completed the construction of this week’s earrings and only had the photographing and Instagram-ing to go. I photographed them early morning before I headed to the hospital to sign forms, listen to mom’s demands to go home (before the surgery) and wait.

With this pair, I am still working through my love of long, dangly earrings and beads. I may be doing that for the rest of my life. So I’m not stuck in a complete rut, I’ll try another design next week. I love the long line of sapphire beads and you. should. too. These will be great in warmer months when you aren’t wearing a sweater or a scarf bunched around your neck and shoulders. Or if you have a loooooong neck (not me!) the length will always be perfect. Despite my personal critiques, these are beautiful!

Leigh Griffin