It's Not the Mall

I am often asked how I find sea glass.  It's pretty simple:  I walk the beach(es).  I get sunburned, windblown, or frozen, depending on the seasons. Sometimes I find nothing. Some walks yield sea glass, but not glass that's suitable for my jewelry.  And sometimes, it's a perfect day--the sun is shining, the temperature is moderate, and the ocean sends me many treats.  I can actually apply those same sentences to anytime I go shopping, mall or not.  It's all a matter of luck, not something anyone can control.

I recently saw a post on a NC beach Facebook page asking where to go to pick up certain shells that the poster had to have for a guest.  I'm puzzled by the demand.  The beach is certainly not a place where you can consistently find a certain shell or object. I believe that finding something elusive makes the find all the more special.  I can certainly buy sea glass, and have bought it at times, but those pieces I can't find on demand make my finds all the more special.   


found sea glass.jpg
Leigh Griffin