Sea Glass

I think I was in my 40's when I found my first piece of sea glass.  It was half of a marble and turquoise.  I was mesmerized-- both by the color and by the glass itself.  I somehow made it into a necklace and it was quickly sold. Years later I was at a wholesale show and a vendor had a basket full of sea glass collected from the Gulf of Mexico after Hurricane Katrina.  Again, I was fascinated by the sea glass and probably picked up every piece, carefully making my selections to purchase. 

Then, one spring I was walking on the beach and found a piece of sea glass. Since that first find, I plan trips to the beach to search for sea glass to use in jewelry.  (yes, I have specific beaches I consider the best for finding sea glass in North Carolina. No, I won't post it here!) People often ask how I find my sea glass, and seriously, all I do is walk the beaches.  I don't know why everyone doesn't see it--maybe I've trained my eyes to "see" it.  Some days are good and some days I don't come home with much of anything suitable for jewelry.  Whether or not I find anything fabulous, I still got a walk on the beach; and that's a good day!